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July 9th 03, 06:27 AM
Need some comments on my shoulder routine...

My Goal--to add a little mass and round them out. I would also like
more of a pronounced "v" that forms at your bicep, too. I'm one of
those tall, skinny guys with really broad shoulders, so it is seems hard
get some meat to collect around the shoulders. I'm starting to add some
mass up front, likely from incline bench, but I notice the fronts are
getting a little ahead of the sides and back.

I was doing 3 sets of 10 of the following exercises, but today I
switched 5 sets of 6 and bumped up the weight a tad for 1,2,3.

1. Side lateral raises (palms down at all times).
2. Front Lateral raises (palms down, and I don't go past parallel to
the floor at the top.)
3. Dumbbell Military Press (i guess you call it that) with palms facing
forward at all times . Still not sure where to position the weights
(i.e. if I tied a string to each dumbbell, should the string cut my head
in half, or should the string be in front of my face?)
4. Alternating Bent Over Rows (3 sets of 10). I just lean over with
one hand on the bench seat and spread my feet. My back is not
completely parallel to floor, but pretty close. With palms facing
behind me at all times, I raise the dumbbell with my elbows OUT (not in
close to my body). I go slightly past the point where my tricep is
flush with my back. I guess this is working: When I get a pump, I get
little "bumps" where my rear deltoids--and you can actually see them at
the end of a workout. It's cute, but I prefer manly!

I'm also wondering if it is a bad idea to do incline bench the day
before I do shoulders. I do not do bench and shoulder the same day.

I'm at home, so no fancy equipment and not a soul to ask for help.
Anything else I could do? Am I more susceptible to injury the way I do

Thanks, I appreciate any help.