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July 16th 03, 09:43 PM
Is dostinex/cabergoline not as fine a choice as bromocriptne for it's DA
agonism/ leptin-mimicking effects?

I ask this question because , as I understand it , the whole point of
Ergoset was to have it get into the blood stream as quickly as possible in
the A.M. and then have it be out (or at least somewhat cleared) by the P.M.
when you would not want supplemental DA-agonism around.

However, with drugs like cabergoline, that have extremely long 1/2 lives
(63-69hours) you risk stimulation of the DR's throughout the day, including
the night, which I thought you did not want.

Furthermore, cabergoline takes up to 4 hours to peak, thus you may have to
take it even earlier in the A.M. to get it active at the most desireous

As well, if this reasoning is credible, then parlodel extended release would
not be as fine a choice as parlodel ?

Lastly, any other DA agonist's that people are excited about?

Thank you for any assistance you may be able or willing to offer.