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On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:17:09 GMT, MJL wrote:

Wow; they published this study quickly.

Rennie's comments are most noteworthy (see below), as he raises some
very important points. I can't imagine that Wolfe and co-authors do
not raise these same points, but I haven't read the paper.

It was a member of his research team that demonstrated that the
elderly a) utilize AA less efficiently (several hypotheses floating
around for that), b) carb intake with protein actually DECREASES
absorption of AA (in elderly only). They are examining the role of
resistance exercise in similar conditions (study either in process or
nearly completed), so I expect this study will be a tie-in to that and
follow up on Rennie's comments.

Rennie rocks, by the way.

"Michael Rennie, professor of Clinical Physiology at Nottingham
University and an expert in muscle wasting in the elderly, said the
research was promising, but that the one pound loss of leg muscle in
the control group was actually very small.

He said relying on nutritional supplements alone for elderly patients
was unlikely to work, as his research had shown that they have a
limited ability to utilise amino acids.

"It is important that elderly people receive proper nutrition in
hospitals - which they don't - but they also need to be exercised and
mobilised as much as possible," he said."

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>Rennie rocks, by the way.<<

Yes. Here's a pic:


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