View Full Version : Re: Finally, left arm as big as right

Midnight Moocher
September 15th 04, 12:58 AM
Good for you.

I have a similar problem to what you had, my right calf (just under 15 inches) is visibly bigger than my left (13.5 inches).

I'll be trying to sort it out with some calf raises over the coming months.

"Ignoramus13229" > wrote in message ...
>A few months ago, I complained that my right was visibly bigger than
> left. It felt odd and wrong.
> I am glad to report that, aftera few months of consistent pushups and
> pullups (balanced two arm exercises) the problem almost went away and
> the measurements of my arms are almost the same, at 13.5 and 14
> inches. The arms now look quite more similar.