View Full Version : Looking for a personal trainer in Boston area (North)

September 20th 04, 04:01 PM
Hi all,

I was thinking about my training program this weekend and I was
thinking perhaps working with a trainer once a week may make a
difference in my program and ultimately results. I am a woman who has
been working out on and off for the last few years. I know my way
around the gym, I eat well, (when training, I know, I know! Diet
always counts.) and lift heavy. I read a decent amount, and think I
have a much better knowledge than the general public about fitness,
but am a mere neophyte compared to the regulars here.

I took the summer off from the gym, (horrible, horrible idea
considering I did the AST's 12 week program this winter and was
looking great) ate and drank and drank and drank my way through it and
managed to add a good 15#s of pure fat to this body. (I am so kicking
myself right now . . .) The last month has had me back to the gym,
doing a 5 day split with 6 sessions of high-intensity cardio. Last
week I added 2 HIIT sessions, but still a total of 6 cardio sessions.

My diet is super-clean, about 1700 cals/day, 150-180 gr/protein, 40-50
gr/fat and 150ish grams carbs. Cut booze out entirely for the next
month, and plan on adding it only sparingly (like 1 or 2x a month)
after that. (In addition to seeking a personal trainer, I also need a
whole new group of friends now that I am not boozing full-time, do you
know of anywhere I can find some of those?)

I attempted to find some resources online as to which certifications
are best, and where I may be able to find some PTs, without much luck.
Too much garbage out there, so I turn to you guys. Appreciate and
tips, suggestions, etc. that you kind folks might have!

Thanks . . .