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Richard Smith
September 21st 04, 12:00 AM
"Ignoramus13229" > wrote in message
> My arm circumference is 14 inches. That's if my arm is tensed and
> bent. There is comparatively little fat. I am 5'11", 174 lbs.
> My question is, is it respectable at all or is it considered tiny and
> scrawny?
> Other than DLs, I exercise my arms by calisthenics (pushups plus
> pullups).
> i

I'm 67.5", 188lbs at 16%BF. Biceps flexed is 15.375. At my leanest (8%) at
160lbs my right bicep was 14.5". I could curl 3x10/35#.



PS. I submit that the bicep size corrolates to some ratio of leg length and
shoulder width, i.e., I'm shortish and have a long torso/wide shoulders
which gives me a shortish bicep and a larger flexed size.

Good genetics in this case.