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October 2nd 04, 02:03 PM
RMT writes " When it comes to training, daily living, and overall
personal health, there are some many factors that come into play. But
the one thing that can be done anywhere, most inexpensive, and most
beneficial is Stretching. I know that there are rumors going around
now saying that stretching is bad, and that is really doesn't do
anything before or after a workouts. But if I can give you my advice
as a Registered Massage Therapist and Human Kinetics student, do not
believe them. Stretching not only increases flexibility, but it
increases the blood flow to and from the muscles tissue. Not only
providing more oxygen, and nutrients to the muscle, but also removes
the waste material that builds up in the muscles. So when is the best
time to stretch? My advice to you is, start with a good solid warm up
for 5 to 10 minutes and take some time to do gentle stretches, do not
bounce during your stretches, keep them stationary. You also want to
make sure that you stretch at the END of your activity/workout. Why
you ask? Because this is the time where the muscle tissue should be
fatigued, warm, and tight from the activity that you just completed.
So stretching afterwards will help to bring that muscle back to a
relaxed state, help to bring in freshly oxygenated blood, and help to
increase your flexibility. I hope that this helps in some way to keep
your exercising experiences injury free. RMT"

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