View Full Version : Re: Safe percentage of calories to cut without damaging what little metabolism one has?

Larry Hodges
October 5th 04, 04:13 AM
Lurker wrote:
> As the subject says.
> As a test case let us say we have a (nice even number) 100kg man.
> So at 33cal per kilo he would need to take in 3300cals a day to
> maintain his current state. What percentage of this is it safe to
> remove from his diet? 500cals for a 15% deficit? 10%. What is the
> threshold for not sending your body into canibal starvation mode?
> Lurker (no I don't scale in at 100kgs)

Most guys here will say a 500 cal per day deficit is about all you want to
do if you're not obese. Some guys will do a "re-feed" day maybe once per
week just to let their metabolism know that things are fine, and not to slow
down. 3,500 cal = 1 lb of fat. So, you should lose 1 lb in a
week...provided you estimated your maintenance accurately. And remember, it
is just an estimate. The only way to tell if you estimated your maintenance
correctly is check your weight. If you're not dropping weight, you
estimated it too high. If you're dropping more than a pound per week, too
low. You get the idea.

There is a lot of information on this topic already here. Just search for
it. Lyle posts a lot on nutrition and related, so search for his posts.