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Axel of the North!
November 14th 04, 02:47 AM
hey dudez!

let's get a discussion started on ribose, especially in combination
with creatine!


hey lyle et al, how do you feel about the advice given in the dosage
and suggested use at the bottom?

and here:


i like the idea of a ribose and creatine stack. so that's alpha-lipoic
acid (or r-lipoic acid, i'm getting both for direct comparison) for
enhanced synergy and pump. i like the idea of going to work out
looking kind of normal, and then, afterwards... being so pumped when i
put my regular clothes back on the cloth rips! (except for purple
cut-off jeans, of course)

so i've gathered that the fast delivery of whey protein is good for
supporting anabolism and anti-catabolic, BCAAs in general are really
good post-workout, too. and glutamine (enhanced cellular volumization,
glycogen, etc.), lipoic acid of *some* sort. what else? vanadyl
sulfate? (not to be taken with chromium) glycerylphosphorylcholine?
tyrosine is good for pre-workout.. what else? what's missing? what do
i got to do to get hyooge!?! what's the magic formula? how do i make
my own performance enhancers!!!!!

c'mon people! let's brainstorm!