View Full Version : Hip/Leg Abduction Bench

November 22nd 04, 11:08 AM
Previous back/disc issue some years ago have left me with some
strength/flexibility issues in the hip region. I'm alot tighter in the hip on
that side and tend to pull the gluteus medius muscle to some degree in
training. While lying/standing leg abduction movements with ankle weights
seem to be toning and strengthening the area I was wondering if using a leg
abductor machine would be more beneficial?

I didn't want to join a health club just to use one machine as I'm quite
satisfied working out at home. If such an apparatus is advantageous are there
some sources to purchase this piece of equipment at an economical price.

Any suggestions pertaining to other protocols of training.
BTW, I'm doing reverse hyperextensions and have found them to be a gold
standard for addressing my injured back situation.

Many Thanks for any feedback