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Debra Co
November 25th 04, 02:02 PM
Well, usually I come back here and say "I'm back!", then go for a couple of gym
workouts and fall into my old routine of not going to the gym (and of course,
disappear from here as well because who wants to come back here and say "I

I'm proud to say I have not failed yet, 4 weeks into the new gym membership.
Haven't gone as often as I had scheduled myself, but I'm still going.

Tuesday night I managed to squat a plate for two whole reps before failing at
the bottom of the 3rd. This may seem like small potatoes when I tell you that
this used to be my WARM-UP set in 1998, but it's more than I've been able to
lift in the past 3 or so years.

This did injure my back - I realized it two exercises later when I was suddenly
unable to bend over - and felt a little foolish, but luckily the problem only
lasted one additional day. I'l be adding more lower-back-stabilizer exercises
to the routine immediately. The boyfriend also threw his back into spasm, but
he was squatting 405 so he's allowed.

No photos yet because I still weigh 158. Sigh.

Thanks for everyone's support and especially Krista, whose site I have been
visiting again for inspiration (maybe we can re-write my section soon, huh?)