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John Hanson
November 27th 04, 10:55 PM
On 27 Nov 2004 08:17:37 -0800, (ntxubhmoob) wrote
in soc.culture.hmong:

>**Yeah, right on. What's wrong with that? When you are sourrounded
>with dogs barking down on your neck and also firing shot at you to
>make you dance to them, what is there left to do? You shoot and shoot
>to kill like Rambo.

He wasn't surrounded according to both the surviving witness accounts
nor by his own account.

>**Now I have a fundamental question as how this land owner acquired
>over 400 acres of land. I bet it's not cheap. Where did he get the
>fund to purchase the land? Don't tell me he earned/wages with clean
>labors. Anyone who work hard and abide by the laws can't afford such
>thing, unless some illegitimate activities are going on. And worst,
>ain't his ancestors got it free from the native Indians and by killing
>them off?
This also seems to be a pretty common attitude among the Hmong in this
country. That and a complete disregard for private property rights
and trespass laws.

>John Hanson > wrote in message >...
>> On 26 Nov 2004 18:30:34 -0800, (ntxubhmoob) wrote
>> in soc.culture.hmong:
>> >**Sawv daws,
>> >When you have to shoot, shoot to kill. We should not be afraid of
>> >these rednecks. Do not kowtow to them just because they are here
>> >first. We have as much rights to be here as any of them. If there are
>> >any more rednecks out there taunting us the Hmong, the brave, the best
>> >fighter, let them come forward and fight. Let them know we hmong shoot
>> >to kill, not to dance.
>> That seems to be a pretty common attitude among the Hmong in this
>> country.

November 28th 04, 06:36 AM
There are more for all of us to learn from this case. There are
unacceptable for any society to ignore such murderous scene for not
raise any doubt and search for any probable cause.

Since stereotype always being the norm of bad attitude, I assure you
that this event has evelevated the Hmong into a higher moral and
social responsibility standard.

We will see that the law will serve it purpose, Mr. Vang will pay for
what he deserve and the death will not be forgotten. We must dedicated
a new hunting law in memory of these death by requiring every register
hunter to past a hunting test (map reading, gun handling, trespassing
law and basic cummuncation incase of personal disputed confrontation)
before we licensing them, especially in WI, and inform the landowner
on how to handle strangers in their property.