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December 3rd 04, 12:10 PM
hey all.
im 29. i do an hour long upper body workout twice/three times a week and
i do my legs once or twice a week along with abour a half hour of high
intensity cycling on leg days.
i eat when ever i am hungry, and im try to eat lean protien with
but for some reason....im stuck at 78 kilos(6 foot tall), and my abs
just arent coming through....i can see them (thetop two or four if i
tense hard)...but the layer of blubber just seems to not change....
this sux....
what should i do?
i was thinking i should train twice as much so do two hors of upper
body, etc...and still have my 3 days weeks rest for growth.

Rob Andrews
December 3rd 04, 04:26 PM
Hi Gerald,

If you want to see your abs, the main thing is to lose body fat. You don't
sound at all overweight, so I'm guessing it's a small amount of fat which is
lodged over your abs. This is fairly typical for guys, and means you have to
get you BF pretty low to really see the six-pack. Lowering body fat is
primarily about eating the right number of calories and doing some weights
to make sure you don't lose too much muscle. For your diet: keep a log of
what you're eating, because it's not really obvious how many calories you're
eating, and eat just enough so you lose weight very slowly. Weights: you
don't need to lift weights as often as you seem to (or at all really!) if
all you want is to see your abs. If you want to gain muscle, or at least
keep most of what you've got, that's a different story. For details on
losing fat without losing muscle search MFW archives for "cutting".