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September 6th 03, 07:55 AM
> I went to Bally on 2 occasions with so called internet "free" passes
> but all they did was waste my time with eternal sales pitches in their
> office. On one of those 2 occassions I kept declining their offers
> **politely** and they (2 trainers) ended up treating me like some kind
> of clown....they felt like they wasted their precious time on me. I
> bet they felt drained and unsuccesful....too bad, I had a right to say
> "no, thanks".>>

I used to be a BALLY'S member for about 14 years, and my renewal was $95.
per year and I did not like going because the so-called trainers are like
sharks in a feeding frenzy running around trying to sell new memberships,
and they ignore anyone who wants anything that they cannot collect money on.
A lot of the equiptment is old in the BALLY's that are not new, and the
showers and bathrooms are usually pretty slimey. Here in South Florida, the
so-called trainers are also the same guys who have to clean the showers and
toilets, so they usually do a half-assed job. The rest of the time, the
"trainers" are cavorting with the female staff-trainers. Funny, most of the
"trainers" usually look like 18 year old punks, and most of them hardly have
any mass and are mostly "disco" types like the female staff at BALLY's. If
you ask them a weight-lifting question they try to bring you into the office
so they can sell you a book, Protein powder, or a gym bag. I found that
avoiding the Bally staff was the best way to spend any quality time at the
Bally's gyms.

ANY 24 HOUR GYMS in FLORIDA (or South Florida?)

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September 6th 03, 04:41 PM
"ab" > wrote in

> ANY 24 HOUR GYMS in FLORIDA (or South Florida?)

There's a 24HR Fitness in Orange Park, only about a 2 year old facility and
its immense. Haven't been in there but FWIH its a great gym. But that's
up here in the Jacksonville Area.

- RedGuru