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August 27th 05, 11:29 PM
There are a number of interesting role models in the field of natural
health. Each one of these persons was real and lived to a ripe old
age. They all had exercise in common. You can draw your own

#1 - Joseph Pilates
Joseph died at the age of 87 prematurely from causes relating to smoke
inhalation suffered during a fire in his New York City exercise studio.
He is known for his unique mind-body exercise system called Pilates.
Pilates never had skinny legs or that frail skinny look so
characteristic of old age even at the age of 82 (as documented by
historic photos).

#2 - Jack LaLanne
Jack, of course, is still alive and going strong at the ripe old age of
90. Jack says exercise is king (i.e., #1) and that diet is queen (i.e.,
#2). Put them together and you have a kingdom. Jack swims for one hour
and then works out on weight machines for one hour every day in his
private gym. LaLanne is also well known for his power juicer which he

#3 - Paul Bragg
Bragg was born at about the same time as Pilates, but died after him at
the age of 95 in a swimming accident. Paul Bragg was a strong advocate
of the healing power of exercise. Near the end of his life, in 1970 he
started a free exercise class called the Health & Happiness Exercise
Club on the Fort DeRussy lawn, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, USA. He is best
know for being Jack LaLanne's mentor.
john gohde