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Charles Spitzer
March 2nd 06, 11:30 PM
"Ignoramus23984" > wrote in message
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>I am soon going to pick up six devices, each is a rectangular shape
> approximately 2x1.5x1 foot. Each weighs 150 lbs. I hope that the
> seller will load them into my pickup with a forklift, but unloading is
> where I have my doubts. I could unload them with a chain hoist or a
> "shop crane", but that is a hassle.
> I do generally deadlift 170 lbs, but I am a little afraid that
> unloading is a different kind of movement and is more injury prone. I
> am not really all that worried to damage the devices, each cost me
> around $6, but I do not want to get injured.
> So, I am looking for some simple unloading ideas that could make it a
> little safer. Such as, perhaps, to put a "step" close to the tailgate
> so that I could first lower the thing on that step, and only then to
> the dolly.
> Maybe I am just a wuss and unloading should be no problem, but I
> wanted to check with knowledgeable people.
> Any thoughts?
> i

when i bought my large compressor, the delivery guy got it off the semi onto
the ground just by carefully balancing it on the edge, and lowering it
gently. use leverage, the overall weight won't be that much until you get
close to the ground. a couple of ramps should do it. at that point, a simple
hand cart would move them pretty easily. you can get an 800 lb handcart at
HF for under $30 when they're on sale.