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Curt James
May 5th 06, 01:51 AM
On 4 May 2006 04:48:32 -0700, "NYC XYZ" >

>The sports doc told me NOT to do anymore running. NONE. Not until I
>get some PT, then maybe a steroid injection (worst-case scenario,
>surgery). My last vertebra is out of jelly -- no more shock gelatin in
>there, I have a herniated disc, blah blah.

A medical professional is considered "blah blah." by you? Have you at
least gotten a second opinion? Or is /this/ your second opinion -
cross-posting to eighteen Usenet newsgroups? Ooookay.


>I plan on doing no more than twice a week at half an hour
>each...sounds good?

Hmm. The doc said "NONE." But do seek those additional opinions. I
read Rocky Bleier's Fighting Back years ago. It's still in my book

"Now try to imagine this. All the skin near the base of my first three
toes was laid open. He took those focreps, inserted them through that
opening, and reached them four inches into my foot, looking for more
broken bones. It hurt worse than anything the NVA had done. [...] He
said he thought, with therapy, I could learn to walk normally.

Another doc told him, "Rocky, you won't be able to play again. It's

And from the cover: They said he might never walk again but in the
1975 Superbowl he ran to victory