View Full Version : Patella Tendon Issue

May 15th 06, 11:50 AM
As a background I am 54 , lifting 2 years and tend to usually focus on
free weight and then generally compound. Four weeks back I awoke with a
sore patella tendon in one knee after doing a legs night and pondered
what I had done. Nothing went bang during the workout. It (the knee)
came good after a week and then a session of deadlifts, squats etc went
fine. No soreness at all. After another 6 days my tendon gives me grief
again after a legs session. The only thing I can can think of is that
after the sessions that "seemed" to irritate my knee was my use of the
45 degree leg press machine which I used after the compound stuff. I
used the leg press on 2 occasions to do a calf exercises between sets
on the normal use of the machine. I realised I could work my calves by
putting my feet close together at the bottom of the leg press area (as
compared to the top and wide apart) and just raising me heel. When I
didn't use the leg press that way I was fine.

Am I on the right track? I think I seem to have jumpers knee but I
don't jump but after thinking it through what I did both time was maybe
similar to jumping as far as the patella tendon is concerned. Anyhow the
knee is coming good again so I just thought I would ask. I hope I am
making some sense.

Bob Volkmer