View Full Version : Just what do you mean by "bodybuilding"?

John Dongle
December 4th 03, 10:36 PM
>I'm just curious; are most of the folks on here really huge and
>muscular, like Lou Ferrigno huge? If not, is that your goal?

>I am asking simply because thats not really my goal (besides I'm not
>sure my genetics will allow that). My goal is to simply get a more
>defined, muscular physique - not become outrageously huge.

>Am I the only skinny guy here who just wants to add some muscle but
>not gunning for a competitive bodybuilders body?

I bet Lou Ferrigno doesn't even know what Usenet is. Let alone even
know what to do with a computer. The real huge juicers are in the gym
with bandanas and jam pants on yelling and giving each other high
fives. I do have 16 inch biceps though which makes other computer
geeks jealous. But the juicers still kick my ass at random.