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Curt James
September 8th 06, 03:50 AM
First, the bad news.

"Landis' backup doping test also positive
Tour de France winner likely to lose crown, but says he'll appeal
results," offers the headline @ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14059185/

Updated August 5? Guess I haven't been paying attention to that story.

And now, the good news! According to a report found @

'B' sample clears Jones
1.10, Thu Sep 7 2006

American sprinter Marion Jones has been cleared of doping allegations
as the second test on a sample have proved negative.

Initial analysis in June had shown signs of the banned blood-boosting
drug erythropoietin (EPO) but a second test contradicted the earlier
results and Jones has insistsed she has never taken
performance-enhancing drugs.

In a statement, Jones said: "I am absolutely ecstatic. I am anxious to
get back on the track. I have always maintained that I have never ever
taken performance-enhancing drugs, and I am pleased that a scientific
process has now demonstrated that fact."

The five-times Olympic medalist could now run in the World Cup of
Athletics in Athens, but the IAAF which starts on September 16 and her
coach Steve Riddick has confirmed he will help her prepare for the
event if she wants to take part.

Jones's legal representative Howard Jacobs was not surprised by the

He said: "Having looked at the 'A' sample and had it reviewed by
experts, it was questionable whether the 'A' sample should have been
called positive in the first place."

Jacobs also represents disgraced Tour de France winner Floyd Landis,
who tested positive for the male sex hormone testosterone and awaits
potential doping charges.

Jacobs added: "The scientific part of the testing protocols worked, but
it is unfortunate that because of the 'leak' of the 'A' sample results,
Marion was wrongfully accused of a doping violation and her reputation
was unfairly questioned. This is a perfect illustration of why 'A'
sample results should never be made public."