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September 9th 06, 08:21 AM
Hello Friend,

My weight is 230kg. How can i lose my weight. Can you give me any

>From Utpal

Shute wrote:
> The common consensus seems to be:
> 1) It is difficult to lose weight while gaining muscle.
> 2) Fat game usually comes with muscle gain.
> The above formula seems destined toward fat ass city. So what types
> of things do weight lifters do to keep their fat levels down?
> I think I may have stagnated on my weight loss because I have started
> gaining good muscle. But I am still too fat and need to cut back
> quite a bit. I don't want to give up weight lifting for too long or
> it will take just as long to catch back up to where I am now.
> So I was thinking of trimming back to just the basic lifts and maybe
> even less times per week. Not really sure what the best thing to do
> is. I am going to do some research on this.