View Full Version : Re: Losing Weight while Lifting Weights

Bill Eitner
September 9th 06, 06:49 PM
Shute wrote:
> The common consensus seems to be:
> 1) It is difficult to lose weight while gaining muscle.
> 2) Fat gain usually comes with muscle gain.
> The above formula seems destined toward fat ass city.

Not necessarily.

> So what types
> of things do weight lifters do to keep their fat levels down?

Focus on fat loss while maintaining muscle
mass from time to time. The two steps forward
one step back principle.

> I think I may have stagnated on my weight loss because I have started
> gaining good muscle. But I am still too fat and need to cut back
> quite a bit. I don't want to give up weight lifting for too long or
> it will take just as long to catch back up to where I am now.

Then don't. Keep training the way you are now.
Adjust your diet to lose fat. You may not gain
any muscle, but you'll limit its loss while
losing fat.

> So I was thinking of trimming back to just the basic lifts and maybe
> even less times per week. Not really sure what the best thing to do
> is. I am going to do some research on this.

If you're making muscle gains, you're on to
what works for you. Stay with it and adjust
your diet to lose fat. Never stop trying to
gain muscle. When dieting to lose fat, training
to gain muscle becomes training to maintain
muscle. The result changes, but the method
stays the same. At least that's my perspective
on it. An old school method was to shift to a
more circuit style of training with more volume,
lighter loads and less rest between sets.
My feeling is that might be okay for guys
with quite a bit of muscle, but for typical
guys I feel that mass training should never
stop--even when dieting to lose fat. And
replacing some of ones weight work with
aerobic work is an even more radical step.
I don't see that as the way to go unless
there's no other way to reach ones goal.
If a person isn't training for some type
of competition, what's the hurry?