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Curt James
September 10th 06, 06:08 PM
While checking out MuscleMag International's forum
<http://www.musclemagforum.com/>, I noticed mention of a NABBA contest
<http://nabba.com/images/2006AmPoster.jpg> being held in the Harrisburg
area which is definitely in my neck of the woods. Dustin Vincent put on
a great show. I attended the prejudging, the evening show, and picked
up an event t-shirt.

The evening show's program states:

The NABBA USA National Committee presents the Urban Telecommunications,
2006 NABBA USA American Bodybuilding Championships
NABBA USA Ms. FigureŽ America
September 9, 2006
Middletown, PA

Order of Events:
2006 American Championships

* East Coast Grand Prix
East Coast Novice

* American Championships
Men's Athletic
Ms. FigureŽ Routines
Juniors (Up to and including 23 yrs. old)
GrandMasters (50 yrs. + - short, tall, and overall
Ms. FigureŽ Comparisons, Trophy Presentations
Women's Physique
Men's Open - short, medium, medium/tall, tall, and overall
/program info

The program also offers a list of competitors who registered by
September 7, 2006.

An abbreviated list of the competitors includes Glenn Adkins, winner of
the short class and the overall title in the GrandMasters competition
as well as 5th place in the Men's Open; Jonathan DeLarosa, winner of
the short class and overall title in the East Coast Novice competition;
Suzanne Scelza, 2nd place in the Ms. FigureŽ; Julia Huddleston, 4th
place in Women's Physique; and Peter Huddleston, 4th place in the Men's
Open medium/tall class.

Glenn Adkins' and his brother, Don, traveled from Akron, Ohio. I struck
up a conversation with Don and learned that Glenn is a former Mr.
Kentucky and has been competing successfully for years. Don said his
brother had a chocolate cheesecake waiting for him after the show, but
that first he'd be eating pancakes. There were some true monsters in
the Open show and Don said that Glenn didn't expect to place, so the 5
slot was a surprise. And although the NABBA site doesn't have the
results posted as I'm writing this, some pics of Adkins can be seen by
following the following link: http://www.nabba.com/06JrNatRSLT.cfm

After her prejudging in the Women's Physique competition, Julia
Huddleston came out into the audience to watch her husband during his
portion of the prejudging. She was juggling a digital camera and a
video camera. I offered to hold one of them and she handed me the video
and asked me to film while she snapped some photos with the digital.
She told me that they traveled from Las Vegas - home of Mr. Olympia
competitor Jay Cutler as well - to compete in the NABBA show. Julia has
awesome abs, a great physique, and was a delight to talk with. She's a
46-year-old grandmother who doesn't look like the stereotypical
"grandma" at all. She told me she'd be posing to the Superman them and
she did. She also said she was sure she'd take home a trophy and she
did. :o)

One comment that Julia made that may amuse my detractors and kindred
spirits alike was when Julia asked if I had anyone competing in the
show or had I just attended for fun. I agreed that I showed up for the
fun of the show and that I've always been interested in bodybuilding.
Here's the funny part from my perspective - she smiled and replied,
"Oh, you should get back into it." I laughed inwardly and thought,
"Jeebus, back into it?" :oD Yes, my physique, apparently, is not
recognizable as bodybuilder-like at all. Ah, well.

NABBA has an answer to that, however, in their Men's Athletic division,
a new category in NABBA USA for men who have an athletic and trained
body without the heavy muscular development of a bodybuilder. Imo, it's
an odd category, but it fits for anyone who - like me - wants to be
"the biggest skinny guy."

According to the NABBA site <http://www.nabba.com/rules.cfm#d>,
"Competitors must have good muscle development and separation, low body
fat, defined abdominals, and nice overall symmetry."

And, trust me, wide shoulders and narrow hips are obviously not a
requirement. Heck, low body fat and its associated defined abdominals
are not required either as, although overall the competitors condition
was fantastic, there were a number of competitors who would've done
hella better to spend their time in the gym that night or certainly
only gone as far as the audience rather than setting foot onstage in
their present condition.

Otoh, it takes a certain something to strip down to a bathing suit and
flex what ya got in front of hundreds of people. Especially if you're
in bad shape. Not something I'd be inclined to do.

But back to the lovely Julia and her trip from Vegas to Middletown
(some 2400 miles)! Although it may seem incredible that competitors
would travel so far, Vegas was not the greatest distance for a
competitor to travel as the winner of the Ms. FigureŽ competition tall
class, Lana Titus, traveled all the way from California where she
recently won the Ms. Muscle Beach figure competition.


The crowd was appreciative and enthusiastic of all the competitors
efforts with Jonathan DeLarosa and David Washington running neck and
neck for the "loudest, most energetic, and most enthusiastic family and
friends" section in the auditorium. Both competitors were armed with an
incredible support crew.

And DeLarosa, in only his second contest, proves that the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree as his father has an obvious bodybuilder
physique. I saw Mrs. DeLarosa in the parking lot after the prejudging
and approached her car to congratulate her on her son's condition. She
said they'd driven 4 hours to get there and that she was hoping he won
so he could stop for a bit. She agreed that he looked fantastic,
however as a mother she sees the dramatic change that happened to his
body. I can only imagine the labor of contest preparation and
maintaining contest shape for a long period of time.

More than likely unrelated as I doubt very much that DeLarosa gains a
hundred pounds after a contest, but I wonder what Lee Priest's mom
thinks of her boy's off season appearance versus his contest shape. ;o)



And in "Zoinks!"-related news, I played a small part in the evening
show as the emcee was handed a slip of paper from the judges with a
competitor's last name on it, but no first name. He lamented, "I forget
your first name. Anyone know his first name?" The audience was silent
as Julia's hubby walked on stage to accept his trophy. Having talked to
Julia during the prejudging, I remembered her husband's name and
yelled, "Peter!" The emcee continued with something like, "Yes, Peter.
Way to go Pete!"

The emcee's not alone so far as forgetting names goes, however, as I
can't remember the overall winner's last name (D'OH!) - there are two
Anthony's listed on the program. The winning Anthony also won the men's
best posing award. Anthony, number 50, completed a fantastic posing
routine which included gymnastic and robotic movements which were in
complete synch with Terminator-like machinery sound effects a la Vince
Taylor's stage performance.

The women's physique third place winner earned the best posing award
for the ladies with an amazing routine that literally had the audience
on its feet cheering. Sensational abs and great condition from head to
toe, her posing music included a bit of Drowning Pool's song titled
Bodies with the lyrics "Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies
hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor" blasting as she dropped
into a full split before continuing her athletic (and sexy) routine.

Don Adkins turned to me in bewilderment when they announced her in the
third spot. It's truly a shame that the prejudging doesn't have the
benefit of seeing a portion of their evening presentation. The women's
physique overall winner was a thickly-muscled woman a la Paula
Bircumshaw or Kay Baxter, but, again, her name escapes me.

I'm looking forward to NABBA posting the full results on their website,
of course.