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September 10th 06, 09:50 PM
First a little background.

I live in a D-IA college town were the town exists because of the

For years and years and years I worked out a local gym. There were
several in the area.
The university had some small places for the students to work out at
but they
were total garbage. I know because that's where I went as a student.

University goes and builds this $40 million fitness center which
results in all the real gyms biting
the dust. We ended up with Curves, Just for Women and like rehab
places with a little weights.

Only option is for me to convert a room in the basement to a home gym.
Power cage, plates, adjustable bench, some dumbells, etc and I had the
basics covered but it was not the same.
To easy to get home and start into to something and then crack a beer.

Last week I hear an ad on the radio for a new center so I swing by
Friday not expecting much at all.

As far as I am concerned it is paradise.

One set of dumbells 5 to 100 up stairs in the non-hardcore yet still
really nice area.
One set of dumbells 5 to 150 downstairs in the hardcore strength area.
another set of dumbells, 5 to 180 downstairs in the hardcore
strength area.

Tons of Hammer Strength equipment plate loading as well and weight

A bunch of Power-Lift power racks and half racks sort of attached
together with a cage inbetween.

I think like 6 lat machines

One of these
plus a bunch other Power-lift plate loading machines

Calibrated bumper plates. Super quality SS bars with and without
center knarling.
Every type of specialized bar I know of. Chains that attach to the
bars in four different

Anyone know how you use these? Place has two of them.

Place was desinged by a couple of high school and college strength
coaches and were given a blank check.

Place has batting cages with ball thrower thing a ma bob jobs.

There is a 170' X 280' indoor field for whatever.

I am in haven after having to make do on my own.
Place is not really done yet but they are letting people use some

I am not trying to post spam but here is their web site. Check out the
construction update photos.


Oh yea a coporate membership for my wife and I ran $480 a year. I
think it would have been $340 just for me. Since my employeer will
reimburse me $150 I went ahead and added the wife.