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September 15th 06, 04:27 PM
spoke in the wheel wrote:
> http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,213881,00.html
> Lance Armstrong's Self-Inflicted Cancer?
> Thursday , September 14, 2006
> By Steven Milloy
> Did the use of performance-enhancing drugs cause seven-time Tour de
> France winner Lance Armstrong's testicular cancer? That's what a
> Sports Illustrated columnist suggested this week. It's a provocative
> comment that warrants scrutiny from a scientific perspective.

So disgusting of FoxNews - you have to read the absolute last paragraph
(below) for this hypocrite reporter to say something sensible. It is
so irresponsible of FoxNews to let him plaster this all over with a
disclaimer at the very end.

People need to stop trying to find something wrong with LA and get on
with their lives, and that is starting with Andreu, who is trying to
parlay his outrageous statements into more 15-minute segments of


> Swift may very well be correct that "the truth" may catch up to Lance
> Armstrong. Only time will tell. In the meantime, he ought to stay
> focused on the facts rather than fueling the creation of sensational,
> but junk science-based myths.

September 16th 06, 01:37 PM
SELL SELL (not seel - sorry)