View Full Version : Re: Lance Armstrong's drug use may have caused his cancer

Pez D Spencer
September 15th 06, 06:10 PM
spoke in the wheel wrote:
> Andreu testified that while visiting Armstrong in the hospital for
> treatment of testicular cancer in 1996, Andreu overheard Armstrong
> tell his oncologist that he had used "steroids, testosterone,
> cortisone, growth hormone and EPO [an illegal performance-enhancing
> drug]."

this doesn't even sound like it makes sense. he "overheard."
whatever. it doesn't sound like the oncologist is lying about it.

> Although both Armstrong and the physician disputed the testimony and
> the case was settled out of court in Armstrong's favor, Swift
> nonetheless commented, "Which testimony is more credible? The Andreus'
> or Armstrong's? Ask yourself which party had the most to gain by
> lying. And why is that particular testimony significant? Because one
> of the possible side effects of prolonged steroid use is testicular
> cancer."

obviously the andreus' have the most to gain by lying. who the ****
are the andreus'? just a couple of ****s that are trying to make a
name for themselves in the age of ubiquitous media.