View Full Version : Seeking Beta Testers for Web Based Fitness Community

September 19th 06, 10:07 AM
Gimme20 is a health and fitness community that provides tools and
support for achieving a healthy body and mind.

Who should be interested in Gimme20?

- People looking to improve their overall fitness with advice written
by their peers and professionals.

- People looking to connect with other Gimme20.com members or
organically form groups for additional motivation.

- Experts and fitness trainers looking to share workout routines and
help others acheive their goals.

- People looking for tools to track their fitness routines and diet.

- Organizations who need to promote health and fitness events and

We are currently conducting a private beta preview of the website and
are looking for people who are interested in taking things for a test
drive, giving us some feedback and squashing bugs.

If you are interested in trying out gimme20.com before anyone else --
email me personally at , or signup at

Thanks to all!

Jordan @ G2