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September 22nd 06, 01:52 AM
AnAmericanCitizen wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 05:05:56 GMT, Speeders & Drunk Drivers are MURDERERS
> > wrote:
> >Article says being an illegal alien is a civil offense, not a criminal
> >one!!! Now that's damn stupid.
> I agree. However, I also don't understand why, while being an illegal alien is only
> a civil offense, using SSA numbers of citizens and other fraudulent papers aren't
> criminal offenses...AAC
> Chain-migration occurs when an immigrant obtains a green card. At that time, his
> immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings) also become eligible for green
> cards. After a certain number of years, they can all apply for citizenship and be
> eligible for any social programs available to American citizens. Rather than the 12
> million illegals the government claims are here, more knowledgable sources estimate
> the number to be closer to between 20 and 30 million. Under Chain Migration, this
> could add up to more than 100 million more uneducated, welfare-class Hispanics in our
> country in less than 20 years at a cost to the American taxpayer of billions of
> dollars and this number does not include this country's yearly immigrant quota from
> countries throughout the world, nor does it include the hundreds of thousands guest
> workers the Senate has in their bill (S.2611) or the hundreds of thousands of illegal
> immigrants who have overstayed their Visas.

This ****ed up "gummint" has no idea who is in this country. Now the
sorry sacks of **** still suck up and press for a Guest Worker plan.