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September 24th 06, 01:09 PM
Hoy Paloy wrote:
> James Kurth at the American Conservative:
> In 1914, Henry Ford paid his factory workers $5 a day, twice the
> going rate, with the aim of creating a broad middle class able to buy
> the cars they were building. Today, that project isn't faring so well:
> The Economist reports that in the U.S. - the gap between rich and poor
> is bigger than in any other advanced country - And it's growing.
> According to the Congressional Budget Office, from 1979 to 2001, the
> after-tax income of the top 1 percent of U.S. households soared 139
> percent, while the income of the middle fifth rose only 17 percent and
> the income of the poorest fifth climbed just 9 percent. Last year
> American CEOs earned 262 times the average wage of their workers - up
> tenfold from 1970.
> Of course, U.S. agricultural and manufacturing businesses want to
> hire illegal immigrants, too. However, the really animated core of the
> political lobby that supports illegal immigration - its mass base, so
> to speak - is composed of rich homeowners, who desperately want
> someone to do their dirty work and to do it cheaply. Although they are
> the largest beneficiaries of the American way of life, including the
> rule of law, when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, the
> rich do everything they can to undermine the American way for the vast
> majority of other Americans. There is nothing conservative about these
> actions by the rich; rather, the true conservatives are the less
> well-off who oppose illegal immigration and who are trying to preserve
> (and conserve) what was once an established and respected order.
> But immigration policy is only one example of the most serious
> problem with increasing economic inequality: the holders of great
> wealth - especially if they are organized into a political lobby of
> similar holders of great wealth - can buy not only more goods, more
> capital, and more people. They can also buy (through the vehicle of
> campaign contributions) more important people: politicians and other
> public officials and therefore public policies. [The Rich Get Richer,
> September 25, 2006 ]

Those who support illegal aliens should be reminded that Tories, those
supporting the British government, were lynched during our
revolutionary war.