View Full Version : Re: Lifting before breakfast?

Curt James
September 24th 06, 03:18 PM
eponymous cowherd wrote:
> It's commonly said that you should eat several
> hours before weightlifting so as to have protein
> in your bloodstream to be used by the muscles
> for growth. The way my scheduale is right now,
> it would be more convenient to lift early in the
> morning before I start work and then eat later.
> Would I be losing much by doing this?

e.c., the key word for me as I read your post was "much". Would you be
losing _much_? No cite (although, yeah, one link below), but it seems
the most important thing is to actually get to the gym. So long as
you're working out regularly, I'd say that whatever "much" you'd be
losing is more than offset by the benefits and gains you'll reap by
regular exercise.


A million years ago Cybergenics recommended working out on an empty
stomach. I worked at GNC during college and remember one customer
purchasing that product. I asked him if it worked for him. He replied
that it had. That he'd gained... five pounds. Oooooh. I mean, five
pounds? Come on. I believe - although perhaps not supported by PubMed -
that anyone who followed the Cybergenics exercise program, reduced
their fat intake, and got a tan would look much better regardless of
the specific placement of their protein intake.