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Curt James
September 27th 06, 04:25 AM
The October 2006 issue of NEA Today <www.neatoday.org> has a brief
Arnold blurb related to the upcoming election.

"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Two words: Don't forget!

Three issues:

1) Broken promises. It's been one year since voters forced the governor
to make good on his promise to return $3.1 billion that he "borrowed"
from public schools. Last November, Schwarzenegger asked voters to let
him off the hook. They didn't. And, says Peggy Colwell, president of
the Shasta County Association, they haven't forgotten how he tried to
weasel out of it, either.

2) Pensions. Don't think the Governator has given up on plans to
terminate a defined-benefit pension plan for public employees. Last
summer, after a barrage of criticism, Schwarzenegger backed off. "But I
do believe he'll be back," Colwell warns.

3) Health care. Califtornia teachers traditionally have had good
benefits. Not anymore. In some districts, teachers are paying $500 a
month out-of-pocket for health care. Schwarzenegger's opponent, State
Trearsurer Phil Angelides, has proposed the first step toward universal
health care.

The last words: "He lied!" Colwell says.



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