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September 28th 06, 10:00 AM
"Shute" > schreef:

> I thought this new place had the same thing. But it turns out it is a
> behind the head press instead of in front.

What do you mean?
The machine is designed in such a way that you cant lower it to the front?

We have this cool press machine in the gym that is actually neutral.
The lever is a giant U shape, with to pairs of handles at the top, or end of
the U. You kinda sit in the U.
The front handles resemble a front press, butt of course, it isnt, and the
handles that are spaced 3 inches to back resemble a neck press, but of
course, it isnt.

And you can sit the other way around, which i often do. Without this
machine, i wouldnt work my shoulders as hard as i do.

> All the guys I used to work out with says this messes up the rotator
> cuffs. When I looked
> around the only other thing they had was a bench with the barbell
> overhead. Except the weight is so high up you need a spotter to move
> the weight into position.


> The gym guy mentioned the smith machine but
> that has its own issues with moving the weight in the right direction.

Give it a try...
Just make sure that your hips, assuming you sit, are in line with the

> So any ideas what to do now. Should I live with the behind the head
> press?


> Should I switch over to barbells?

Thats an option.

>Or should I just come up
> with something else for shoulder work.

Lateral raises, HEAVY, partial ROM, about 45 degrees to the side, instead of
the usual 90.


September 28th 06, 05:15 PM
"Shute" > schreef:

>> And you can sit the other way around, which i often do. Without this
>>machine, i wouldnt work my shoulders as hard as i do.

> This the type of machine although I am not sure if it is exactly the
> same:
> http://us.commercial.lifefitness.com/content.cfm/iso-lateralshoulderpress

No, the one i use looks much simpler. Just a big U or V shape attached at
80% (125%) connected with a 2 inch wide syntyetic band to a 100kg weight

> The one I used to use was older and the seat was angled differently so
> the press was in the front. I think the only reason they even have
> these is because they match all their other pretty colored Life
> Fitness machines.

I was at a gym once where they had a brand new press machine. Looked very
sophisticated. Two seperate levers...
No problem, but the levers went all the way iun, as if you were doing a DB

I felt it more in my tris than my delts, so i moved on to the lateral