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Andrzej Rosa
September 28th 06, 01:17 PM
Dnia 2006-09-28 Shute napisał(a):
> I started working out at a new gym. My old gym had a nice Hammer
> Stretch machine I could load up with weights and do military presses
> on. I could also rig up something with free weights using the squat
> rack if I wanted too.

I'd do that.

> I thought this new place had the same thing. But it turns out it is a
> behind the head press instead of in front. All the guys I used to
> work out with says this messes up the rotator cuffs.

Use it or lose it. Which means if you never use some range of motion
you'll lose it.

Snatch grip behind the neck presses should be OK for most people. Add
some empty bar normal grip behind the neck presses during your warm up
to loosen up shoulder joint a little.

Front presses are good too (probably better). At the end of a set you
can do push presses or behind the neck jerks on the positive part of a
motion and lower a bar slowly for that extra overload.

Olympic presses are challenging and I'll do them sooner or later to build
trunk stability a little, but I'd not recommend them for a beginner.
They can lean into extreme sports category at times. ;-)

So, yeah. You'll be fine with just a barbell.

> When I looked
> around the only other thing they had was a bench with the barbell
> overhead. Except the weight is so high up you need a spotter to move
> the weight into position. The gym guy mentioned the smith machine but
> that has its own issues with moving the weight in the right direction.

With dips and lots of overhead pressing you should be fine, but it
depends on your goals. I don't do bench pressing any more because even
dumbbells with lots of attention payed to a proper form still mess
something with my left shoulder. For me it's either overhead pressing
or benching and I prefer ohp's.

Try things around. Nobody has your body so what is wrong for some may
be fine for you and the other way around.

In practice you'll have to find your own solutions.

> So any ideas what to do now. Should I live with the behind the head
> press? Should I switch over to barbells? Or should I just come up
> with something else for shoulder work.

Try all three and see what floats your boat. I'd go for barbells.

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