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Curt James
October 3rd 06, 02:51 AM
Shute wrote:

> I am rounding in on my target after dropping 40 pounds.

Congratulations on the fat loss, Shute.

> I was thinking about supplements during my builk up plan
> since so many people seem to take them. I was in GNC
> and they got enough whey powder to fill my entire apartment
> so take it that is quite popular.

I have a GNC discount card which knocks 20% off your bill, but even
with that discount Nitro-Tech whey is four times as expensive as The
Body Fortress whey I can pick up at Wal-Mart. Forget GNC for whey and
head to your local Wal-Mart. The ingredients are nearly identical as

> So what works and what doesn't? Which ones have addictive
> qualities or side effects like drugs do? I take it alot of this stuff
> either does nothing or has a lot of negative effects on the body.

Well, I suppose you read the Tribulus report elsewhere in MFW? I'd
avoid that one.

> The whey powder sounds like the most sensible thing to try first.

Extra protein typically couldn't hurt. Could it?

> Not really sure how much I need if I already eat a fair amount
> of meat.

"If you find it hard to consume adequate calories and thus adequate
protein, there's no harm in supplementing, as long as you don't overdo
it. Supplements made with soy and whey are easily absorbed and utilized
and provide good-quality protein. But before you choose a protein
powder, compare the amount of protein per tablespoon to that of a
high-protein food. If you're not getting at least an equal amount of
protein from the supplement, you're doing neither your wallet nor your
muscles any favor." From: