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April 21st 07, 01:22 PM
On Apr 20, 11:20 pm, Luc > wrote:
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> >From what I gather, this Korean nutball took a .22 caliber pistol and
> a 9 mm pistol to Virignia Tech and began shooting. Those are not high
> powered, high-capacity magazine weapons. He shot two people, then
> left, came back, and opened fire. He was locked in a classroom with
> another sixty people who could not get out, and thus he shot them,
> reloaded, shot them, reloaded, shot them, reloaded, probably five to
> six times before he ran low on ammo and killed himself.
> Think about that. What group of people allows a gunman locked in a
> room with them to shoot them, stop, reload, shoot them, stop, reload,
> shoot them, stop, reload, and on and on and on. Sixty people were shot
> by one man with a pistol without a single one of them making any
> substantial resistance. Isn't this noteworthy? What kind of sheep live
> in our society who would allow someone to shoot them and sixty others
> without making any kind of resistance?
> The Virginia Tech shooting is a minor incident because, as a shooting,
> it has no greater relevance. Mentally ill individuals are inevitable
> in a society with 300 million people, and occassionally, there are
> going to be mass murders. This guy wasn't politically motivated; he
> doesn't seem to have been making any greater comment on society; he
> just got angry about a girl and killed a lot of people over it. This
> kind of garbage happens all the time and is just part of the human
> personality, though this is an extreme manifestation of it. Unlike
> even a flood or a hurricane, there is nothing that can be done to
> prevent these occassional incidents.
> If there is any greater message to be taken from this, it is a comment
> on how weak-willed people in our society have become that they would
> allow one man with a pistol to massacre them. With our brains full of
> all this garbage about how we can't fight, can't resist, have to go
> along, accept multi- culturalism, accept immigration, being loving, be
> tolerant, et cetera, the people of our society -- and particularly
> those who are groomed for the privileged layers of the working class,
> which is what all higher-salary workers are -- have been neutered and
> denied any sense of transcendence -- and thus are completely lacking
> in courage. They'd rather cringe under a desk and hope against reason
> to live than stand up and fight and lose their lives protecting
> others.
> That's the lesson of Virginia Tech. The fact that sixty people allowed
> themselves to be victimized by one gunman disgusts me almost more than
> the fact a gunman existed. Sick people like Cho are inevitable, but
> the lack of courage needed to face them is a unique product of the
> Judaification of society.

Arm Whites now.