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June 11th 07, 04:12 AM
Bob Shue is to humble to bring attention to his own recent cameo appearance
in his sister's film, GRACIE.

Elizabeth Shue was just a teenager back in 1978 when she decided to join the
Varsity Soccer team at her high school. Nobody thought she could do it, but
with the help of her athletic brother Bob, and her family, the young
Elizabeth made the team and led them to the State Championship (similar to
the Karate Kid story (where Elizabeth Shue played Ralph Machio's girlfriend;
except this one is real),.

Elizabeth Shue went on to become a well-known actress. Her brother, Bob Shue
placed 3rd in the 1988 Mr. Santa Monica contest, and his sister helped him
start up his Hard-Bop Drums business.

In the Gracie movie, Elizabeth Shue plays the mother of Gracie (which is
really the teenage version of Elizabeth Shue). Bob Shue plays the uncle of
Gracie, and here is a scene from the movie when Bob is showing Gracie how to
play ball: http://tinyurl.com/26pht3 It will probably be the only time Bob
Shue ever makes it into a movie, so check it out.

June 20th 07, 08:25 AM
Thanks. It will certainly work....

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