View Full Version : Real results take time and patience as anything in life.

January 24th 08, 04:49 AM
Look I know what I am going to tell you you probably heard from some
where else or you may believe in some of these myths on fitness. I
always workout and you know what its not a bad idea to keep up with
some current exercises or even routines to add to your own routine. I
am always adding new things to keep my body guessing whether it be for
my legs or my back or even abs I always keep my body guessing. I have
a blog that you should read its short and only covers briefly what I
personally know and what some of you may know already.http://

Look most of us want a quick workout that will give you fast and easy
results with no effort, but seriously be realistic I was and I so far
have lost 35 pounds and I am defiantly keeping on top. So don't ever
get discouraged just keep it up and just do what you can and my
favorite thing modify, modify if you have to. Everyone is trying to
work off those extra pounds(myself included) and it is not easy so
just stick to it.