View Full Version : Sore Only to The Touch!

Prisoner at War
February 7th 08, 05:13 PM
Hey, just noticed something...I suppose it's happened before, but I
don't remember noticing it until now....

I'm about to head to the gym, figuring on a heavy workout since I had
yesterday off, but while showering earlier I noticed that when
massaging my arms near the "groove" where the different muscles
separate (specifically the biceps/triceps/delts vector), I feel sore!

I don't have DOMS, but when lightly pressing over certain spots on
certain muscles, I feel a slightly acute sense of soreness!

That's funny, that a muscle can be only sore to the touch, but not
register any soreness on its own! I wonder what that means,
physiologically...maybe it's fairly well recovered, but just not
totally so?

Now, back in the days, I would have just pressed on to the gym...but
these days, what with my fears of overtraining and injuries, I'm
taking a second thought about working out today...maybe I'll go light,
or only work the abs or something....

Funny, I wonder where else I might be sore without knowing it, LOL....

James Brown's 34th Son
February 8th 08, 02:41 AM
"Prisoner at War" <I wonder where else I might be sore without knowing it,

Your butthole is probably numb to any pain by now.