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February 20th 08, 07:45 PM
Getting 6 pack abs is like trying to win the lottery just so that you
can "be rich". In other words, there's no point in wanting to be rich
if you have no idea how to control your money, what to spend it on or
how to live the lifestyle of the rich. So if you're looking for six
pack abs, your motivation needs to be focused more on the simple fact
that you "have six pack abs".

So basically, you need to realize that getting and keeping 6 pack abs
and enduring those abdominal exercises should be based around reasons
other than just "having them".

Once you understand this simple aspect alone, you are far more likely
to not only stick to your abs training program, but you will find it
easier to actually see results in a quicker time scale.

You must first identify why you really want a six pack. Is it to get
more dates? Is it to avoid the dangerous risks of an overweight
stomach (such as cancer)? Or is it to simply fill a void in your
personal time and boost your self confidence?

Whatever you decide to be your motivation, you must clearly define the
desired output from your six pack abdominal training. Most people
assume that by simply having a six pack that they will automatically
be happier...

....but taking the previous example of the rich, no-one is made happier
by the money alone, because it's what you do with it and how it
benefits your life that really matters.

The second thing to consider during your six pack abs training is how
you document your progress. Because the truth is, the biggest reason
why people give up with any kind of fitness training or general weight
loss diets is because they simply do not see results quickly enough.

However, most people give up without realizing that results ARE taking
place...the problem is, that they simply don't see it in themselves.

This can be avoided by literally documenting your progress. Use a
record keeper or diary to do this. This will also benefit your future
progress as you will be able to see what worked, how quickly you can
expect to see realistic and achievable results and anything else you
might have forgotten the next time round.

The last thing to do, which follows on from the previous point, is to
document your progress with actual video or still pictures of your
physique. This may sound far fetched for many people but here is why
it is so important:

You don't see the small changes that make the big differences from day
to day.

Just like you don't notice how old you are getting, how much weight
you have put on or how tall you have grown (if you're lucky!), you
will not easily see positive changes from the efforts of your abs
training unless you visually document it. Just remember to add dates
to each photograph or video to really drive home your progress.

These are just three small steps you can start doing today for free,
but these three things are simply not enough to see dramatic and
speedy abs on their own.

You need to have a well balanced, concentrated diet along with a
proven abs training program to see the best results in the quickest
possible time.

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pack abs. Because ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other
infomercial ab-gimmicks... they're all a complete waste of your time
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