View Full Version : First time you realized that you were "buff"

March 1st 08, 07:27 PM
Hey guys im wondering when the first time you realized you were
"buff". I mean the first time you realized that you were really
growing/changing,, Growing damn muscle. When was the first time you
stood in front of a mirror and said god damn.. thats rambo.. that guy
could kick your ass. LOL : ) You guys know what im talking about?

Some of you might have been weight lifting for a long time.. but ive
only been doing it for 2 1/1 years.. and i look like god damn
herculios now. But back when i started, i was really surprised.. it
made my ego damn big.

The best memory i remembor is about 3/4 of a year into my
weightlifting (and i was doing it seriously and strictly), looking in
the mirror and seeing these big ass shoulders and arms and thinking
DAMN... I got damn far using Kristas Routines.. i loooked like a damn
amatuer wrestler.

But one thing is.. and i hope you guys will agree with mee on this..
Its funny how 1 week you can be all pumped from your routine, but 2 or
3 weeks down the road without activity you can almost look flat.. It
****es me off.

Does that happed to you guys to?

I guess you gotta keep at it.

Sam Turner

March 3rd 08, 12:10 AM
On Mar 1, 2:27 pm, wrote:
> Hey guys im wondering when the first time you realized you were
> "buff". <snip>

buRR, you meant buRR? There's only one Burr here.

HEY! Hey, Burr! When did you first realize you were Burr?