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April 24th 08, 08:10 PM
"Naughty Boy" <naughtynaughty> wrote in message
> Richard Evans > wrote in
> :
>> Naughty Boy <naughtynaughty> wrote:
>> \>>>> Certainly not by being lazy or stupid.
>>>>> What theories do you have? let's hear them!
>>>> untreated hypothyroid for 3 years because my GP didn't want to add
>>>> thyroid meds to diabetes meds
>>>> is that good enough for you?
>>>> kate
>>>The old "thyroid" bull**** excuse. I was wondering how long it would take
>>>for that one to come up.
>> Somehow I have the feeling that you are so heavily invested in feeling
>> superior to people who don't conform to your personal weight standards
>> that ANYTHING anyone mentions would be dismissed as a bull**** excuse.
> I AM superior. I have self discipline, a quality sadly missing from obese
> peoples' lives (and substituted with denial).

A superior imbecile? Yes, you are. Hate to break it to you skippy, but you
are superior to NO ONE. When you
actually know what the hell you are talking about, get back to us won't you?