View Full Version : F/Sale 1 tub of Methyl 1 Test pro hormone unused

Sean Mcgee
September 11th 08, 08:42 AM
Hi all,

I started going to the gym six months ago..
I was doing heavy weights and decided to buy some of this pro hormone that
everyone was harping about.
Methyl 1-T which was subsequently banned in America but not the UK at the
I bought a tub legit from a herb shop in Town Centre for 45 Uk sterling.
I opened the tub to have a look at the capsules.
After not going to the gym for a while I have started to want to take them
and train.
As I am a bit wiery about the rapid gains these could cause I have not yet
took any.
Because I like to drink the odd can of lager I am scared to take this
product as it says no alcohol.
The sell by date is May 2009 and the seal is open.. I have not even poured
out these capsules at all.
I am first going to try and sell them on to a dedicated body builder who
cannot get anymore of these.. as they have changed the name to something
I am willing to sell these for 25 or nearest offer...
I think I bought these in haste to be honest... The shop I bought them from
are still selling them..
I would hate to see these stuck in my cupboard for the next 10 months not
being used..
I am not dedicated enough with time to do these so called cylces as I am not
a supplement user of any sort.
Any body intererested please email in first instance.
90 capsules for 25 is half the price I bought them for and is a bargain. I
would put on ebay but they might get kicked off.

January 6th 14, 01:48 PM
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