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May 19th 10, 12:04 PM
"Sid Bonfire" > wrote in message
On May 18, 5:27 am, bornfree > wrote:
> Hi
> * This is a genuine post, thank you*
> No easy way to say this so I'll get straight to it... I need an
> exercise to reduce the fat on my buttocks, but only on one side. Due
> to a long long ailment I have probably 2 thousand calories (but I'm
> not sure) in fat extra on one side.
> I just need an exercise or 2, I don't need to be preached to or
> anything like that. I realise most people work on their body evenly...
> so if anyone can think creatively enough to suggest something, I'll
> really appreciate it.
> Thanks

You should look into kettlebells. Everyone knows they are a "half-
assed" way to work out

thats pretty funny - now where is Curt?? This has to win the humour award
this month