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May 22nd 10, 11:40 PM
"bornfree" > wrote in message
> Thanks for all the brilliant answers from everyone who replied to this
> thread!
> On 18 May, 20:26, spodosaurus > wrote:
>> When you lose fat, you lose fat all over. There is no such thing as spot
>> reduction (burning fat from one specific area). The only way to achieve
>> that is liposuction. The fact that you have such an uneven fat
>> distribution is something unusual, and perhaps you should consult a
>> doctor to determine if the tissue is normal fatty tissue or something
>> else.
> I know it is normal fat tissue. The discrepancy is caused by the the
> smaller leg, not the larger one.
> And there is a thing as local reduction of fat.
> As for those of you who suggested liposuction - if I could afford it I
> would have done it by now probably.
> Do you think it is definitely the right thing to do? What are the
> arguments for/ against it? I'm going to need all the knowledge I can
> come up with to convince the NHS to cover me for it. (I live in the
> UK.)

You're going to have to come up with a strong and balanced argument. Just
pulling something out of your ass will not persuade them.