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JMFIT February 1st 18 06:11 AM

Just Beginning Walking-Need Advice!
Hi there,

I started walking about 8 months ago then stopped after 3 months. Then 3 weeks ago I started to walk again. I walk in a running field 6 rounds in about 20 minutes. I am trying to do it everyday but because of my job schedule I can only walk every other day. My purpose of walking is to reduce my tummy fat and weight.

What is the best way to walk? After breakfast or before? Do I have to increase the distance every day or every week?

I will appreciate your great advise. Thanks a lot!

Joy Beeson February 8th 18 03:39 AM

Just Beginning Walking-Need Advice!
On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 06:11:38 +0100, JMFIT

I am trying to do it everyday but because of my job
schedule I can only walk every other day.

I try to include short walks in my everyday routine -- enough of them
add up.

When I park at a supermarket, instead of looking for a place near the
door, I look for a place where I'm not likely to have anyone parked
close when I back out, or a place where I can pull in from the back
and not have to back the car. Then I always return the cart to the
store instead of the corral.

I probably took a two-mile walk yesterday: I had a check to cash, and
walked to the bank.

Going out of my way to use staircases helps some.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net

Simi February 27th 18 08:18 AM

My suggestion to you would be a short daily walk before breakfast (you don't want to mess up with your stomach after breakfast obviously). It doesn't have to be a long walk that could end up discourage you to maintain this exercise habit.
Otherwise, as Beeson did propose, you can take advantage of short walks combined within a few days.

walktx February 27th 18 11:39 PM

Just Beginning Walking-Need Advice!
See if you can find a walking club near you. has a list of clubs nation wide and Meetups sometimes has walking groups. If you are going to make walking a lifetime habit you need to get off the track and see interesting things and meet interesting people.

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