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Default To Bulk or to Cut?

"Pete" wrote in message
"Big Shot" schreef:

Should I try to lose the 15-20 first, and then start "bulking" or
should I try to pack on as much muscle as possible over the next 5 or 6
months, then worry about cutting then?


Because losing weight is eassier when you have more LBM...


While I tend to agree with Pete over Rob, why not shorter cycles? Two
months bulking, one month cutting, two months bulking, etc.? Frist of all,
he's not 20 lbs overweight. He's just out of shape. In fact, at this
point, he could just about eat at maintenance and work out consistently and
be about at the same place in six months don't you think? Bulking and
cutting work best when you're already fairly lean. Until then, just work
out and eat right.