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Default Question About Bench Press

BR wrote:
Hi, im new in there.
Im sorry for my lenguage, i hope you can understand me.

My question is about bench press (flat). I was read several times than
if you down the barbell to diferents parts of the chest you can work
diferent heads of the pectoralis major.

For example in the book of Frederic Delavier, he says than if you down
the barbell to the clavicule you work predominately the clavicular
head of the pectoralis major, if you down the barbell to the center of
the chest you work predominately the sternocostal head and if you down
the barbell to the lowest part of the chest you work the inferior

Is this true?

Can any body refer a EMG articule about that?


I would think that you would change the exercise more by changing the
angle of the bench. If the bench is flat, you work the lower muscles,
if on an incline, you work the upper pecs.

An EMG study I came across a number of years ago showed the same amount
of clavicular head activation in a standard flat bench press as in an
incline press. The incline press, however, activated the sternal head
less than the flat bench press, as one would expect. Bringing the
barbell down to your neck is asking for an injury to your shoulders.


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